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Master Edition Album

You’ll notice the difference in every detail of the Master Edition: the water-resistant interior and exterior fabric; the rich leather-like spine and slipcase; the distinctive signature cover applique; and so much more. And now, you’ll save an extra 15% when you reserve the complete Master Edition Kit.
The Master Edition Album features four one-inch rings that secure larger pages more easily than a 3-ring binder, yet makes turning smoother than a multi-ring album. All hardware is finished in elegant black. Each album holds approximately 30 Acid-Free Pages.
You also receive your choice of 10 black or white Acid-Free Pages, together with protective Polypropylene Sheet Protectors. Plus, you also get the matching black slipcase to help protect your Master Edition and its contents. Album dimensions: 35,5 x 33,0 x 2,5 cm. Slipcase dimensions: 31,8 x 33,5 x 2,5 cm. Page size: 35,5 x 30,1 cm.


(A) Master Edition Kit - Album, folder and10 pages

Article Color of insert pages
9628 Black
9627 White

(B) Album and Pages - 10 pages

Article Color of insert pages
9465 Black
9464 White

(C) Album o Slipcase - without pages

Article Prodotto
9593 Album
9626 Slipcase

(D) Acid-Free Pages - with poyipropylene Pack of 10

Article Color of insert pages
9595 Black
9594 White


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